Whole Brisket Smoked on the WSM


Cooked a whole brisket on the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker.  The whole brisket turned out better than the flat only briskets that I previously cooked.

Click on any pic to see a full sized pic.

Pics and Notes



Pic #1 is the whole brisket still in the cryovac packaging.
Pic #2 and #3 were taken after the brisket was removed from the cryovac packaging and rinsed.



Pic #4 is the brisket after rubbing with Wild Willy.
Pic #5 the brisket is placed in a bag, tie wrapped and put in the fridge to sit overnight.
Pic #6 was taken after the chimney of lit coals was dumped on the WSM charcoal ring.



Pic #7 was taken when the brisket went on the WSM.
Pics #8 and #9 were taken almost 6 hours into the cooking session.



Pic #10 was taken 8 1/2 hours into the cook.  The brisket has shrunk considerably.
Pic #11 was taken at the same time.
Pic #12 was taken just before wrapping in foil for the resting.

Finally!  I'm hungry!

Cooking Record
Time IT BG TG Lid Vent Comment
IT=Meat Internal temp.  BG=Bottom Grate temp.  TG=Top Grate temp.  Lid=Lid temp.  Vent is the setting of all the bottom vents.
The top vent is always open 100%.
  7:15 AM 100% Place lit coals from chimney in the WSM charcoal ring.  Full ring of charcoal with white oak chunks.  Fill the water pan.  Air temp is 40* and no wind.  See Pic #6.
  7:45 AM 201* 100% Temperature check.
  8:05 AM 219* 100% Temperature check.
  8:25 AM 242* 100% Brisket is put on top grate.  Set vents to 25%.  See Pic #7.
  9:00 AM 238* 233*   25% Temperature check.
  9:30 AM 238* 240*   25% Temperature check.
10:00 AM 231* 253*   25% Temperature check.
11:00 AM 257* 255*   25% Temperature check.
 12:30 PM 266* 275*     5% Set vents to 5%.
   1:00 PM 260* 271*     5% Add 1-1/2 quarts of water.
   2:15 PM 251* 257*     5% Mop with Succor Mop.   See Pic #8 and Pic #9.
   3:10 PM 253* 262*     5% Add 1-1/2 quarts of water.
   4:00 PM 244* 253*     5% Temperature check.
   4:30 PM 237* 240*     5% Add 2 handfuls of small pieces of lump charcoal.  Start 1/2 chimney of charcoal.
   5:00 PM 175* 224* 222*     5% Temperature check and add lit coals from chimney.  Mop with Succor mop and take pics of brisket and coals.  See Pic #10 and #11.
   6:00 PM 179* 242* 244*     5% Temperature check.  Fire up 15 briquettes in the chimney.
   6:15 PM 249* 250*     5% Add the 15 lit briquettes.  I forgot to record the internal temperature.  Oh well.  I am adding more coals to shorten the cooking time.  I could just open the bottom vents only and wait for the temperature to rise but I am getting hungry.  Next time I do a whole brisket I will anticipate and open the bottom vents earlier.
   6:30 PM 185* 264* 271*    50% Temperature check and open the bottom vents.
   7:00 PM 194* 267* 275*    50% Temperature check.
   7:30 PM 197* 271* 278*    50% Remove brisket from the WSM.  The brisket was wrapped in foil and allowed to rest for about 35 minutes before serving.

Post cook thoughts
Taste and texture Very good flavor, smoke flavor was mild.  The taste of the brisket meat stood by itself.  The brisket was a little dry at the ends but still tender.  Slices from the mid of the flat section were juicier.
Internal Temperature Next time I will take the brisket off at an internal temperature between 185* and 190*.  I measured internal temperature at the thickest part of the brisket and I suspect that the thinner ends of the brisket had a higher internal temperature which resulted in the ends being drier.
Mopping Next time I will mop the bottom of the brisket(non fat cap side) when I mop the top side(fat cap side).  The bark on the bottom of the brisket was a little to "crusty" for my taste.  The bark on the non fat cap side of the brisket doesn't have help from the fat cap to keep it from becoming to "crusty".  Read "crusty" as basically chewing real tree bark.

In previous cooking of briskets I mopped, with Succor mop, in the last 30 minutes of cooking.  The late mopping resulted in a strong vinegary taste that overpowered the flavor of the brisket meat.  This time I didn't mop so late in the cooking session.  Much better!  The mop had time to mellow from the cooking heat and blend into the meat.
Chili Some like to chop up left over smoked brisket for chili.  Very good.

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