Pork Shoulder Arm - aka Picnic


I was at the local grocery store picking up a few items and saw this 9.5 lb. shoulder arm/picnic.  On a spur of the moment, I decided to cook it that day.  Next time I cook one of these things, I'll make sure to give myself alot more time.  The meat in this cut of pork has two different textures.  Some of the picnic is similar to a pork butt and some of the picnic is similar to a loin or ham.  I removed the picnic before the pullable meat had achieved a nice pullable stage and the fat had completely rendered.  Overall, not bad for my first try.

See Cooking Record for times, temperatures and detailed notes.




#1 pic the meat going on the WSM.
#2 pic was taken after about 3 1/2 hours of cooking.
#3 pic was taken after 10 hours.


#4 pic is an attempt to add a little crispiness to the skin by remote direct heat.
#5 pic was the left overs.  Nice bone. :)

Cooking Record
Time IT BG TG Lid Vent Comment
IT=Meat Internal temp.  BG=Bottom Grate temp.  TG=Top Grate temp.  Lid=Lid temp.  Vent is the setting of all the bottom vents.
The top vent is always open 100%.
Full ring of charcoal mixed with some lump charcoal.   15 lit briquettes from chimney.  4 chunks of oak.  Air temp is 70*, overcast, no wind and occasional drizzle.  9.5 pounds uncooked.  Rubbed lightly with Wild Willy.
 10:15 AM 150* 100% Temperature check.
 10:40 AM 229*   10% Pork on.  Skin side down.
 11:30 AM 255*   10% Temperature check.
  12:55 PM 257*   10% Temperature check.
    1:10 PM 260*   12% Temperature check.  Open the vents just a tad to get the temperature up.
    1:45 PM 271*   10% Add 1 qt water.  Close bottom vents a tad.   Mop top side then flip and mop again.  See pic #2.
    2:20 PM 287*   10% Temperature check.
    4:00 PM  150* 269*   10% Add 3 handfuls of lump charcoal.  Add probe for internal temp.
    5:35 PM  161* 271*   10% Temperature check.
    6:10 PM  165* 284*   10% Temperature check.
    6:35 PM  165* 284*   10% Temperature check and mop.
    6:50 PM  168* 287*   10% Temperature check and add 2 qts of water.
    7:25 PM  168* 264*   15% Temp check.  Open bottom vents just a tad.   Add 2 handfuls of lump.
    7:45 PM  168* 273*   15% Add some more lump.
    8:30 PM  170* 264*   15% Temperature check and take a pic.   See pic #3.
    9:35 PM  172* 275*   40% Removed water pan and open bottom vents for hotter direct heat to crisp skin.
    9:50 PM   15% Flip picnic.  Didn't take long for a grease fire to start.  See pic #4.
  10:15 PM  180*   15% Removed picnic.  I'm starving and can't wait any longer.
Wrapped the picnic in foil and let it rest for 15 minutes.  It should have rested for at least 30 minutes but I couldn't wait.

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