Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker


Miscellaneous information about using the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.

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WSM Charcoal Grate


The WSM charcoal grate.


Close up of the gap.


Charcoal ring extends past the gap.
The one thing that needs a little tweaking on the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker is the charcoal grate.  There is a gap at the edge of the charcoal grate that allows charcoal briquettes to fall through.  Even full sized charcoal briquettes.

Pic #3 is of the charcoal ring on the charcoal grate.  The charcoal rings extends past the gap.


Expanded sheet metal installed.


Close up pic.
I had a piece of expanded sheet metal for some other project but decided to use it to close the gap in the WSM charcoal grate.

The expanded sheet metal was cut to fit over the original charcoal grate.  I have used this piece of expanded sheet metal for about 6 cooking sessions and seem to be holding up ok.

Before using the expanded sheet metal when cooking food in the WSM, I placed the expanded sheet metal on top of my Weber kettle charcoal grate then started a hot fire on top of the expanded sheet metal.  I did this for two reasons:  (1)To see if the expanded sheet metal would survive direct fire and  (2)Burn off any manufacturing residue.

Alternative Method:  Others have purchased another grate and lay the second grate on top of the original charcoal grate.  The second grate is positioned so that the long rods are at a 90* angle to the long rods of the original grate.  Definitely less labor intensive then cutting expanded sheet metal to fit.

Polder Thermometers and Rain

I put the Polder thermometers in Ziploc type bags when rain threatens.

Make sure that the probe wire is at an uphill angle before entering the bag.  Otherwise water will drip into the bag causing high levels of condensation within the bag(which is not good for electronic parts) or worse; the water will leak into the plug connection between the probe wire and the display unit.

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